Promus is among a select few one-stop companies that are truly global. Promus was founded in 1996 and began to transform itself into a global enterprise in the early 2000’s. We are committed to maintaining and developing our international services and supporting a diverse customer base in Asia and the Pacific Rim, a steady unified European market and a driven North American market.

All Promus LED are utilizing US CREE LED light source in achieving brightest illuminations
Get the facts: Cree XLamp® LEDs deliver more performance for less money.
Cree XLamp LEDs actually save you money and allow you to deliver a better product to market.

Cree XLamp LEDs are the industry’s highest performing lighting-class LEDs. Designed for long-life and consistency they deliver more lumens per watt than any other lighting-class LED. This means you get a brighter LED that uses less energy and gives you more design options for less money.


What is 50,000 hours? It is 50 times the life of a typical incandescent bulb and 5 times the lifetime of an average compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). In fact, if you ran one Cree lamp for 6 hours per day every day, it would last for nearly 23 years
Reduce Your Waste Stream
All Cree LED Lighting products are free of mercury and other toxic materials, a clear win for the environment.

Not necessarily. LEDs have been efficient and long lasting as indicator lights in electronics for years, but using LEDs to create stable white light for general lighting presents new challenges. The key to success is smart design. To qualify for ENERGY STAR, LED lighting products must pass a variety of tests to prove that the products will display the following characteristics:

Brightness is equal to or greater than existing lighting technologies (incandescent or fluorescent) and light is well distributed over the area lighted by the fixture.

Light output remains constant over time, only decreasing towards the end of the rated lifetime (at least 35,000 hours or 12 years based on use of 8 hours per day).

Excellent color quality. The shade of white light appears clear and consistent over time.

Efficiency is as good as or better than fluorescent lighting.

Light comes on instantly when turned on.

No flicker when dimmed.

No off-state power draw. The fixture does not use power when it is turned off, with the exception of external controls, whose power should not exceed 0.5 watts in the off state.

Bad design can lead to a wide range of problems, some immediately observable and some not. Poorly designed products often come with exaggerated claims while failing to deliver on the quality specifications above.

After less than a year of use, a poorly designed LED product
can flicker, shift in color, look dim, offer uneven light, or continue
to use power when turned off, among other problems.


Cree LED Lighting: An ENERGY STAR® Partner
As an ENERGY STAR® partner, Cree LED Lighting supports the ENERGY STAR program and its efforts to inform consumers and to protect our environment for future generations. Products that earn the ENERGY STAR for Solid-State Lighting meet energy efficiency and performance guidelines set by the US Department of Energy. These guidelines help to protect consumer's interests by ensuring that qualifying products meet certain efficacy, lifetime, color rendering and color quality specifications. Cree LED Lighting is proud to offer a variety of ENERGY STAR qualified products, which meet and exceed these guidelines.
Efficacy 35 LPW 46 to 80 LPW
Color Rendering Index 75 90
Rated Lifetime 25,000 hours 50,000 hours
Minimum Lumen Output ≤4.5" diameter 375 lumens 515 or 540 lumens
Minimum Lumen Output >4.5" diameter 575 lumens 650 or 1000 lumens

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